Siempre nos quedarán las  palabras


The storm was falling down like a giant on the city. Every large windows of the most beautiful buildings constructed centuries ago were closed. It was possible to see the water drops playing between them, pushing each other like best friends. The image hypnotized to one particular mind.In the big av


Nine years ago, Alma left me for ever. “You won’t see me again,” she said that night. We were in the port and her boat ready to sail. I just remember her under the big straw hat could be a slight smirk, “don’t worry, you are able to survive without me,” she said while her entire silhouette was fadin

The delightful melody of the wind

I was a romantic in a random and hypocritical world. At least, I was long time ago. A mind in a misleading and idealized world. I have been never in love and I ever did not care. Trying to be happy, I needed all my mental and physical effort. I lived in a town near to Barcelona, a metropolis of li

National CPR Association

Sombras al atardecer

Trailer de la novela Sombras al Atardecer, colgada semanalmente en mi blog.





Mi nombre es Lídia Gilabert y aquí dejo mis humildes creaciones, diseñadas con el mayor mimo y amor para el disfrute de todos los lectores.


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